How To Install A New Roof

If the shingles on your home appear shiny (indicating a loss of granules), are missing, curling up, or stained with mold and mildew, you may need to have your roof replaced. Replacing a roof can be done yourself (with a group of friends). Replacing a roof is not an easy task, and will take some time to complete the job. Before attempting the task yourself, get an estimate from a professional. [Read More]

Three Ways To Stop A Kitchen Fire Without A Fire Extinguisher

Kitchen fires are tricky because they can often be either protein fires, which leave very damaging smoke residue, or electrical fires, which pose a risk of electrical shock as well as the hazard of fire and smoke damage. So what can you do if there's a kitchen fire and your fire extinguisher is malfunctioning or inaccessible for some reason? If it's a large fire, simply leave the area as quickly as possible and call 911. [Read More]

Tips To Help Identify When A Mildew Problem Has Turned Into A Serious Issue With Mold In Your Home

There are many different types of mold spores that grow where moisture is found in your home. Usually, these mold spores start as small mildew stains and they are easily cleaned up. The problem with mildew becomes serious when mold begins to spread and become a hazard, which is usually due to moisture issues due to leaks and constant water. Here are some tips to help you identify mold problems that are much more than just small mildew stains: [Read More]

Tick-Tock! It May Be Time To Restore That Old Clock

Old mantle clocks, cuckoo clocks and grandfather clocks are frequently handed down in families. What makes them even more valuable is when they still work, still keep good time, and are over 50+ years old. If they are also from specific clock makers or specific regions, such as an authentic Black Forest Germany cuckoo clock, they are worth a lot of money. You will want to keep your family's clock tick-tocking for as long as you possibly can. [Read More]