3 Important Aspects Of Truck Trailer Maintenance Often Ignored By Owner-Operators

When you own and operate your own tractor trailer for business purposes, your truck and the trailers you own become your most valuable business assets. therefore, knowing how to properly maintain every point of those assets is important, especially when it comes to the truck trailers. Even though most owner-operator truck drivers know how important trailer maintenance is, many ignore some really important aspects of this responsibility. Take a look at three important, but often disregarded aspects of maintaining the truck trailers you own as  an owner-operator truck driver. [Read More]

3 Health Hazards Lurking In Your Damp Basement

If you have a leaking basement, you may worry about having your possessions ruined by the dampness. However, you should be more concerned about what it is doing to your and your family's health. Below are three health hazards that may be lurking in your damp basement. Mold Thrives In The Dark, Wet Environment When water leaks into your basement, the dark, wet environment it creates is ideal for mold. The spores are free to sprout and the fungal growth to thrive, releasing more spores into the air and into your ventilation system. [Read More]

How To Install A New Roof

If the shingles on your home appear shiny (indicating a loss of granules), are missing, curling up, or stained with mold and mildew, you may need to have your roof replaced. Replacing a roof can be done yourself (with a group of friends). Replacing a roof is not an easy task, and will take some time to complete the job. Before attempting the task yourself, get an estimate from a professional. [Read More]

Three Ways To Stop A Kitchen Fire Without A Fire Extinguisher

Kitchen fires are tricky because they can often be either protein fires, which leave very damaging smoke residue, or electrical fires, which pose a risk of electrical shock as well as the hazard of fire and smoke damage. So what can you do if there's a kitchen fire and your fire extinguisher is malfunctioning or inaccessible for some reason? If it's a large fire, simply leave the area as quickly as possible and call 911. [Read More]