Tick-Tock! It May Be Time To Restore That Old Clock

Old mantle clocks, cuckoo clocks and grandfather clocks are frequently handed down in families. What makes them even more valuable is when they still work, still keep good time, and are over 50+ years old. If they are also from specific clock makers or specific regions, such as an authentic Black Forest Germany cuckoo clock, they are worth a lot of money. You will want to keep your family's clock tick-tocking for as long as you possibly can. [Read More]

How To Get Rid Of Mold On Vinyl Siding

Many home owners prefer vinyl siding because of the easy upkeep. However, if you live in a humid climate, the siding is more prone to mold. Mold is commonly black, green, or orange patches that spread by spores. It is essential you clean mold right away before it spreads into your home as it can cause health issues. Here are tips to clean mold from vinyl siding. Prepare to Work [Read More]

Flood Prevention Tips: Secure Water Heater & Furnace Now

If you live in an area prone to summer flooding, you might do a number of things to secure your home, including installing check valves in your sewer traps and sealing the walls of your basement. But you might not think to secure your water heater and furnace against flood damage. Even if these appliances sit above the basement, they can still experience some damage from flooding water. Here's why you should secure your water heater and furnace, and the tips to do so properly. [Read More]